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Tips and Tricks to make your Mobile Phone Unreachable

2017-09-12 12:01:19

People who are sick and tired of unwanted calls from unknown numbers can simply reject the call when they receive it or they can cut the call of they are busy. However, if you are constantly avoiding a call from someone, they might find out thus it would have an impact on your reputation. In order to avoid someone’s call without letting them know, people can use unreachable services. Unreachable services make sure that the person at the calling end receives the message that you are in an area where the network is causing an issue.

However, majority people hardly have an idea that how can they make their mobile phone unreachable. Few tips and tricks can be followed in order to make your mobile phone unreachable. Some of them are mentioned below:

Airplane Mode or Flight Mode

Many new mobile phones have an option to activate your flight or airplane mode. If such modes are activated the people at the other end would receive a message that currently, your mobile phone is unreachable. However, before you pull out this trick make sure that you have tried it on yourself as in most cases the message that the caller might receive is that your cell phone is switched off.

Steel Container Trick

Enclosed Steel Container Trick does not allow the signals to reach your device. All you have to do is to place your cell phone in an enclosed container and the caller would receive the message that your cell phone is unreachable.

Activate your Data Package

People who simply want to throw the message that the mobile phone is not reachable can activate their data package. Use your data package to browse the web and open up different websites to download different files on your cell phone this will jam your network thus making it difficult for you to accept or receive any calls.

Reject List

Every smartphone has a reject list option, therefore, it is better to add the number to the reject list rather than on a black list or a block list. The reject list makes sure that the person who is calling you neither receives the message that your cell phone is switched off nor they will be notified that your number is unreachable. In fact, the call would be simply cut down.

Forward Calls

If you have another number that you do not use or any landline number that has expired you can use that number to forward the calls that you might receive. Whenever any unwanted caller would call you the call would be forwarded to that number and the caller would receive an unreachable status.

Sim Slot

People who have their sim slot outside their device should simply take out their sim after switching off the cell phone. Then they should place the sim card inside the slot again. If anyone calls you they would receive a not reachable status till you restart your cell phone.


There are many applications on both android and iPhone app stores that can help you avoid unwanted calls by giving them an “unreachable” notification. All you have to do is to enter all the numbers in the call log of that application to make sure that whenever that particular number calls you they receive unreachable status.



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